Safer Spaces Policy


This policy applies to the bookfair, the afterparty, our meeting spaces, and online spaces.

In order to create an environment to foster free discussion and sharing of ideas, those engaging in abusive or oppressive behaviour will be asked to leave the space. We encourage all attendees to be aware of this policy, and to take autonomous action if they observe people engaging in abusive or oppressive behaviour. Volunteers will also be on hand to help enact this as needed.

We define the following as abusive behaviours which are not tolerated in this space:

Physical abuse

  1. Violence and threat of violence (unless in self defence)
  2. Use of force and threat of force (unless minimal to protect users of the space and the space itself)
  3. Rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment

Verbal abuse

  1. Personal insult (insults or aggression towards an individual)
  2. Oppressive language (insults or generalisations about a group of people)
  3. Verbal Harassment, sexual or otherwise (repeated uninvited personal comments or requests)
  4. Verbal abuse in writing (all of the above in written form)

See The Policy in Detail for a full description of what we mean, and what we do not mean, by each of these behaviours. See Background to the Policy for more information about Safer Spaces and the reasons why we have this policy.