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We are an anti-capitalist group united by the belief that capitalism is the core cause of the environmental crisis threatening us all. We organise non-hierarchically and in a decentralised way, and have so far set up trainings, banner drops and information sessions. The Edinburgh branch is part of the broader alliance of GAFs around the UK, connecting radicals of all stripes in tackling the environmental crisis.

In the face of this crisis, the governments of the world seem more interested in propping up capitalist profits than preventing disaster, so we also believe that a disruptive campaign of direct action will be needed to prevent ongoing environmental destruction and prevent those who profit from this destruction from shifting the costs on the working class.

We can't win this fight alone. GAF welcomes all those who aknowledge that collaboration with the state and the police will inevitably diminish our ability to resist and that we need to fight back now.

If you'd like to get involved, you can contact us at or send a message to our social media: @EdinburghGAF on Facebook and @Edinburgh_GAF on Twitter.


Download them and use them!

GAF Sticker 1
GAF Sticker 6
GAF Sticker 2


Download them and use them!

Climate Struggle Poster
Eat the Rich Poster
You might be an Anarchist Poster

For more stickers and poster please visit our website.


GAF is reacting to the Covid-19 lockdown and enforced social distancing, by moving online. We will be doing a series of lifestreams about a variety of subjects that we hope will provide food for constructive discussion.

Please read up on our previous events and join our upcoming events at

Aims & Principles

GAF is a name, a banner, a call to action. It’s not an organisation or a network and has no central authority. We want GAF to act as a way of bringing people together, to take action, to spread a radical, anti-capitalist position on climate change and other environmental issues. If you agree with our manifesto, we encourage you to organise, to take action yourself, you can be part of the Front!

There is no specific model to follow, different situations call for different forms and actions, but there are a few important principles that we ask those organising as GAF to stick to.
Please read more about the aims and principles at