Do I have to be an anarchist to attend or support this event?

No! Not at all. We need lots of support and participation – stall holders, workshop organisers, fundraisers and performers.

We want the event to be open and welcoming to groups who support marginalised and oppressed people, whether anarchist or not.

And we also welcome help from signers, translators, helpers – people to help make the event accessible, whether anarchist or not!

Who is welcome to come?

People of all genders are welcome and we particularly want to welcome those who don’t generally feel represented or welcome in other anarchist feminist spaces.

We are a diverse organising group and our work is focused on resisting state and institutional violence, which is felt disproportionately by people of colour, migrants, queer, trans and intersex people, disabled people, people on benefits, sex workers, and people living in poverty.

Those are the voices we particularly want to hear throughout the event. If you’re interested in hearing those voices too, please do come.

Are there any groups who aren’t welcome?

Yes. Mainstream political parties, Trotskyist and Stalinist organisations and their various fronts already have lots of events of their own and we would rather they did not apply for stalls or talks at this event (though individual members are welcome to attend).

TERF – trans exclusionary radical feminist – groups such as Women’s Place are also not welcome at this event. The event will have a Safer Spaces agreement, which will be widely publicised beforehand, and will expect all who attend to abide by the agreement during the event.