Knight Errant is an independent publisher based in Scotland. Publishes queer, fierce and relevant tales, words in translation, speculative fiction, migration tales and intersectional, genre bending stories by and about LGBTQI+ and BAME creators from around the globe.


Everything below are resources provided by Knight Errant Press:

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Love, Pan-Fried by Gray Crosbie

LOVE, PAN-FRIED is a bundle of tiny stories (flash fiction) about shape-shifting, love, loss, our strange relationship with our body and everything in between.Love, Pan-Fried Cover

Vicky Romeo Plus Joolz by Ely Percy

This cheeky debut novel by Ely Percy is the first of a trilogy of their queer works set in the heart of Glasgow. It observes Glasgow from an unapologetically pink-tinged angle.
If you have a soft spot for the dramatic, f/f romance, local storytelling and appreciate a good chuckle – this is the book for you. Vicky Romeo Plus Joolz owns its history with a relish that spills over into an exuberantly camp parody.
It's a plucky, on-the-nose, heart-mending comedy about a bunch of queer folks trying to find their way and going about life where not a single queer person dies.
The novel's focal point is a gay bar, a world that most folk aren’t exposed to – but this is Vicky Romeo's ordinary world. Ely captures a perfect snapshot of this locum, of what it was like to be Scottish, working-class, queer and figuring shit out in that period of queer history.
Love, Vicky Romeo Plus Joolz Cover

Queering the Map of Glasgow

Queering the Map of Glasgow was inspired by the community-generated mapping project Queering the Map. Knight Errant Press took this idea home through stories that chart the fictional, real and liminal spaces and moments lost in the folds of the map. This is a map unlike any other: adding detail and fable it is neither complete nor fixed, it is a fold in the world. And a queer one at that.
12 authors explore queer Glasgow through short stories, poetry and an essay in this small collection.Queering the Map of Glasgow Cover

F, M or Other: Quarrels with the Gender Binary

Gender – it affects us all, but what exactly is it? There isn’t a single, straightforward answer to put your mind at ease.
In the form of compelling poetry, prose, essays and graphic storytelling, this anthology will address the issue head on. From fierce feminism to modern masculinity, perspectives on passing to nuanced experiences of identities beyond the binary, the authors will dispel the idea of a single narrative and invite the reader to take in the multitude of lived and imagined experiences.F, M or Other: Quarrels with the Gender Binary