Everything below are resources provided by MATE:


Direct Support for Queer & Trans Folk in Edinburgh

MATE (Mutual Aid Trans Edinburgh) was set up during the COVID-19 pandemic to provide direct support by and for trans and queer people in Edinburgh. We are focused on trans- and queer-specific support needs, and also to support people who are isolated from their local communities.

We are a mutual aid network, which means that we ask for support from and provide support to each other without being paid. Anyone can ask for help: you don't need to be in crisis, and we think everyone deserves to have their needs met. If there's anything you're struggling with, however small, please ask.

How to get Support

To get support, email or message (+44) 07716768925 with answers to these questions:
  • Name and pronouns you’d like us to use
  • How should we contact you? (e.g. email, phonecall, Signal)
  • First half of postcode / area of Edinburgh
  • What do you need support with? (e.g. groceries, accessing trans healthcare, benefits application)
  • When do you need support by?
  • Would you prefer support from someone with particular lived experience? (e.g. a trans person, a disabled person)

We will then ask our team of mutual aid supporters for someone who meets your needs, and then send you their name and initial to ask if you’d like to be put in touch. If you say yes, we will put you in touch with each other to arrange the support; if not, we’ll find someone else. Then the supporter will help you out!
We will contact you a few days after the support to check that everything went OK.
If contacting our phone, you can use Signal, WhatsApp or SMS. We prefer Signal where possible, as it gives you the greatest control and security over your messages. See “Security and Safety” on our website for details.

Trans Health UK

Members of MATE also made Trans Health UK (, a resource by and for trans people with up-to-date information about trans healthcare. We currently have
  • Frequently asked questions about trans healthcare and COVID-19
  • Detailed information on Gender Identity Clinic service provision and interruptions
  • Details on private gender clinics, including services and prices
  • Resources for trans resilience and creativity

Help Spead the Word

You can download a flyers about MATE and Trans Health UK that you can print at home. Feel free to share these anywhere you think people need them!
Download MATE Flyer.
Download Trans Health UK Flyer.