Workplace Organiser Training

The day after the bookfair, the Solidarity Federation will be holding a workplace organiser training day. The training is based on a direct action approach to organising rather than looking to use employment laws to resolve workplace issues.

What does the training cover?

The training takes approx. 6 hours and aims to give people the tools and confidence to start organising in their own workplaces. Whether you've got a union or not, join us for a workshop on how to create strong organisation in your workplace. All our trainers have experience of organising in their own workplaces. The format is that each topic is introduced by the trainer, then the trainees will work in small groups on a task. All case studies used are from real workplaces.
Learn the basics of organising. Topics include:
  • cross-union activity
  • collectivising grievances
  • workplace mapping
  • types of direct action
  • the basics of an anarcho-syndicalist approach
  • organising a workplace meeting

Who is the training for?

The course is intended to be useful for people in workplaces both with and without formal union organization. No experience of workplace organising is necessary and the training takes place in a fun and friendly atmosphere. So if you are interested in organising your workplace, or just want to learn about the organising process, this course is a great way to make a start.

Do I need to prepare anything in advance?

You just need to bring a pen or pencil, a rough physical sketch of the layout of your workplace, and think of a small, local grievance affecting you and your workmates.

Do I need to book a place?

Places on the organiser training will be limited and we recommend you book early by filling out the form below. If there are still places available, you will also be able to sign up in person at the bookfair.

Is there a cost to attend?

No, the training is free, but we will be asking for donations to cover travel and other expenses for the trainers.

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