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Everything below are resources provided by Steven Frazer:


Coming Out Autistic

44 page colour comic book zine.
Coming Out Autistic is a queer comic book zine that features interviews with a variety of LGBTQ+ people. Each person is autistic and this comic tells their coming out stories.Coming Out Autistic

Interview ABC

Interview ABC is a 32 comic book zine that looks at mental health from an experimental and investigative perspective.Interview ABC

Addicted to Loneliness

Addicted To Loneliness is a zine about being an autistic adult. It features Polaroid pictures taken over a year long period along with diary entries, essays and short stories.Addicted to Loneliness

How to Make Friends as an Adult

How To Make Friends as an Adult is a 28 page fully illustrated zine that presents the different steps a person can undertake to make friends as an adult. The zine uses humour to present a story of mental health, acceptance and queer culture.How to Make Friends as an Adult

Uncomfortable Sex With Total Strangers

Uncomfortable Sex With Total Strangers is a personal zine that looks at sex when you live with autism. It features illustrations, short stories, comics and a performance script that you can act out.Uncomfortable Sex With Total Strangers