Survivors Library is an international survivor-led collective who collect and create resources by, for, and about survivors of trauma, abuse, and assault. We were founded in Edinburgh, where our physical collection is currently privately housed and many of our activities are organised. Get involved!


Everything below are resources provided by Survivors Library:

Get involved with Survivors Library

Whether you’re a survivor or an ally, there are many ways to get involved with Survivors Library: visit our website for details Our primary objectives at the moment are to provide weekly chats for survivors; to build our collection of resources and the way we display and give access to them; and to apply for funding.

To participate in Survivors Library, you must not agree with or support racism, transphobia, anti-sex work sentiments, fatphobia, ableism, classism, misogyny, abuse or assault apologism, homophobia, biphobia, or anti-LGBTQIA sentiments, vicim blaming, abuse, or other forms of oppression. We are all actively working towards bettering our understanding of these oppressions, how we are complicit in them, how we internalise them, and how we can do better to combat them structurally and interpersonally.

To donate to support paying our chat facilitators and our running costs, visit We run entirely on donations.

Weekly Chats

During the pandemic, Survivors Library is hosting free, weekly, anonymous-as-you-like, online text-only chats. Our chats are spaces for survivors to talk about anything, or just be present. Some spaces for survivors of any trauma, while some spaces are for specific people: For example, we have held spaces for sex workers, trans people, black people, adult survivors of child abuse, people of colour, and more. To find out what to expect in our chats, as well as our schedule, visit

Our Collection of Resources

A resource can be anything: books, support groups, events, art, music, podcasts, hotlines, organisations, and more. We prioritise the collection and creation of resources by, for, and about survivors who experience other oppressions. We share resources on our social media and on our website. To find out more and how to submit, visit

During the pandemic, many groups have provided support and events online for survivors worldwide - follow our social media where we share these.

For our stall here, we’ve prioritised sharing a selection of our resources that have something to do with Scotland. Content warning: These resources may include distressing content about trauma, abuse, or assault.

Scotland Support Groups, Hotlines, & Organisations

This is a portion of our growing list for Scotland and beyond that will soon be made available on our website. Many of these organisations have their own lists of contacts and resources in Scotland. Some of these organisations are based online only, or have online events. Let us know about more by visiting

Survivors Library Resources

  • Not Your Fault (Online, Glasgow, Edinburgh) - Peer-led support group for survivors of sexual violence, focused on men (trans, cis & otherwise) & non-binary people. Meetings online, Glasgow, & Edinburgh.
  • Umbrella Lane - A community based, peer-led SW project in Scotland and North England.
  • Scot-Pep - Sex worker-led charity fighting to defend & extend the human rights and labour rights of sex workers in Scotland. Safety, rights, justice.
  • Spit It Out Project (Edinburgh) - A collective discussing sex, mental health, and creativity.
  • Uncovered Artistry - Celebrates the creativity of survivors of sexual violence and domestic abuse.
  • Bi Survivors Network (Online) - A support and advocacy network for bi+ survivors of domestic/sexual violence. DM us for access to our fortnightly chats.
  • Galop UK - LGBT+ anti-violence charity, combating hate crime, sexual violence & domestic abuse.
  • Ubuntu Women Shelter (Glasgow) - Dedicated to meeting the short term, 72 hours – 1 week/ emergency accommodation needs of women with no recourse to public funds. Trans, non-binary, and sex-worker inclusive.
  • Shakti Women’s Aid - Helps BME women, children, and young people experiencing, or who have experienced, domestic abuse from a partner, ex-partner, and/ or other members of the household.
  • Abused Men in Scotland (AMIS) - Information or support for men who have experienced or are experiencing domestic abuse, offering practical information, guidance and casework.
  • Survivors UK - National helpline for men who have experienced child sexual abuse, sexual assault or rape. Also supports family, friends and partners.
  • Equal Access (Edinburgh & Lothians) - Support for people from BME communities who would like to improve their mental health and wellbeing.
  • Multi-Cultural Family Base (Edinburgh) - Social work organisation that believes in early intervention, including helping children and families deal with issues of identity, loss, displacement and trauma.
  • Scottish Refugee Council - Dedicated to supporting people in need of refugee protection.
  • Edinburgh Rape Crisis (Edinburgh) - We offer free and confidential emotional and practical support, information and advocacy to women, all members of the trans community, non-binary people and young people aged 12-18 in Edinburgh, East and Midlothian, who have experienced sexual violence at any time in their lives.
  • Glasgow & Clyde Rape Crisis (Glasgow) - Free and confidential support service to women and girls who have experienced rape, sexual assault, or sexual abuse.
  • Rape Crisis Scotland - Rape Crisis Scotland provides a national rape crisis helpline and email support for anyone affected by sexual violence, no matter when or how it happened.
  • Archway (Glasgow) - Sexual Assault Referral Centre caring for people who have been raped or sexually assaulted within the last 7 days.
  • Stop It Now Scotland - Child protection charity that works to build public confidence in recognising and responding to concerns about the sexual abuse and exploitation of children. They also offer services to potential perpetrators and their families.

Other Resources Made in Scotland

While we’re highlighting a selection of our Scottish resources here, we accept submissions from anywhere in the world. To find out more, visit

Resources included: Take It As A Compliment (Graphic Novel), Uncovered Voices (Anthology, Book), Rising Free (Anthology, Book), Bisexual Survivors: Why Our Experiences Are Valid (Zine), Experimental Writing for Body and Mind (Writing Workshop)

Survivors Library Resources

Take It As A Compliment (Graphic Novel, 2016)
Created by: Maria Stoian

Content warnings: Abuse and assault (sexual, emotional, mental, verbal, physical; adult and child; at home and in public; with perpetrators of multiple genders who are strangers, friends, dates, or partners); alcohol, emetophobia, control, police

A graphic novel collection of anonymous stories, received online, through emails, and interviews. Each story is told in a different illustrative style to reflect the unique voices. Covering acts such as sexual violence, public sexual harassment, domestic abuse and child abuse, this is a reminder for survivors that they are not alone and a call for all of us to take action. Sexual violence is not a compliment.

Get more info at:
Buy at:
Uncovered Voices (Anthology, book, 2018)
Created by: Uncovered Artistry, Contact:
Full list of contributors will be available on our website.

Content warnings and tags about the resource: Sexual abuse, Emotional abuse, Physical abuse, Women, Men, made in Scotland

Tags about the creators: Sexual abuse survivor creators, Emotional abuse survivor creators, Physical abuse survivor creators, Non-binary creators, Women creators, Men creators, Disabled creators, POC creators

The Uncovered Voices project invited survivors of sexual violence and domestic abuse to join a free series of creative writing workshops, facilitated by professional writers. Writing from these workshops was combined with submissions by survivors from across Scotland to create this anthology of poetry, fiction, visual art and non-fiction. We hope to raise awareness about sexual violence and domestic abuse; help survivors to express feelings of trauma and healing through art; and ultimately create a multi-faceted portrait of abuse in Scotland today.

Where to buy or borrow in Scotland:
Buy from: Lighthouse Books (Edinburgh), The Scottish Poetry Library (Edinburgh), Golden Hare Books (Edinburgh), Good Press (Glasgow)
Borrow from: The Mitchell Library (Glasgow), The Scottish Poetry Library (Edinburgh), The National Library of Scotland (Edinburgh), The Bold Collective Library (Glasgow)
Order online at:
Rising Free (Anthology, Book, 2019)
Created by: Edinburgh Rape Crisis

A deeply moving anthology of creative writing by survivors who have used our services. It is about survival, healing, finding your voice and calling for change. The contributions in Rising Free are intended to share strength and voice with other survivors. It honours the power of survivor stories in creating change, both individually and societally.

Get more info at:

Buy here: Available by donation from our centre or can be posted out for a donation, plus £3 postage and packaging. Please email if you would like a copy.
Bisexual Survivors: Why Our Experiences Are Valid (Zine, 2020)
Created by: Nuage Collage. Contact: Instagram @nuagecollage

Content warnings and tags: Biphobia, bisexuality, LGBTQIA+, women, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, made in Glasgow, made in Scotland.

Bisexual Survivors is a zine that shines a light on why our experiences are valid. It discusses why bisexual women are more likely to be a survivor than any other demographic, shining a light on to why this may be. It also offers support and motivation by letting bisexual women know they're not alone in dealing with their experiences of gender based violence.

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Experimental Writing for Body and Mind (Writing Workshop, 2020)
Created by: Michelle K Jamieson (She/Her/Hers)

Content Warnings and tags: Sexual abuse, Emotional abuse, Physical abuse, Child Abuse, Child Sexual Abuse (CSA), LGBTQIA+, Women, Disabilities, Sex work, Justice, Prison Abolition, Accountability, mental health made in Glasgow, made in Scotland .

Tired of traditional writing? Feel your creative practice doesn’t fit? Wanting to try something new? This workshop will introduce you to experimental writing exercises that take you out of the traditional and look at your creative practice in new ways. It will support you to explore your experience of mental health, poor or otherwise, at one point of your life, or throughout, through your own self, or through a character. What does it mean to process these? How do these go onto your page? This will offer writing exercises and support to stretch your practice and explore these questions. This process will be new to many and this workshop is designed to be as encouraging and accessible as possible, as well as offer something new for those more experienced.