Talk: The Harms of Hate against Gypsies and Traveller

Start Time: 15:00 on our Youtube Channel (followed by a Q&A session on Zoom)

This presentation will recount the harms of hate experienced by Gypsies and Travellers in the UK in contemporary society. In doing it will discuss how hate permeates all aspects of Gypsies’ and Travellers’ lives. The presentation will identify the hate crimes, incidents, and speech that Gypsies and Travellers are subject to. It will then go on to explore how hate against Gypsies and Travellers occurs as discrimination, social exclusion and criminalisation and how that hate is embedded within the language and practice of neoliberal capitalism. The presentation will argue the hate experienced by Gypsies and Travellers can only be fully recognised through an analysis of the neoliberal capitalist context within which it occurs and the harmful subjective experience it engenders.