Timetable 2018

11:00–11:50 Children as Workers, Childcare as Work: Exploring Childhood and Parenting Under Capitalism11:00–11:50 Decolonising History: Voices and Silences
12:00–12:50 Responses to Patriarchy12:00–12:50 Kurdish Feminism
13:00–13:50 No Woman Is Safe If Prostitutes Aren’t Safe: Feminism and Sex Worker Rights

13:00–13:50 Vehicle Maintenance for Women and Non-Binary People
(meet at the info desk at the front to go outside to the car)
13:00–13:50 Making Sense of Anarchism
14:00–14:50 Survival Pending Revolution: Building Mutual Aid14:00–14:50 Queering Anarchism: Gender, Sexuality and Struggle 101
15:00–15:50 Understanding Autism from an Autistic Point of View15:00–16:20 Fighting for Choice: Reproductive Rights in the UK and Ireland
16:00–16:50 Beyond Self-Care Mantras: More than just Bubble Baths16:30–17:50 Homes for People not Profit
17:00–17:50 Coal Nee More: Opencast Resistance in Pont Valley, Durham