Workshops 2018

11:00–11:50 Children as Workers, Childcare as Work: Exploring Childhood and Parenting under Capitalism

Using the framework of social reproduction theory theory, this workshop aims to explore the work of parenting under capitalism, and think about how children are transformed into the next generation of workers.

Led by Ramona (, Edinburgh Anarchist Federation) we will discuss how parenting and childhood are created under capitalism. The feminised work of childcare and home making are crucial not only for capitalism to function, but also for the working class to replenish and nurture itself. Despite the many advances won by the women’s movement since the 1970s, the workers movement continues to overlook the importance of struggles beyond the workplace. But is resistance against exploitation and oppression in the home part of the class struggle? And how do we as adults and parents take part in turning children into the compliant workforce of the future? This workshop will invite your opinions and experiences, whether you are a parent or not!

12:00–12:50 Responses to Patriarchy

This workshop is an opportunity to discuss what it means live within patriarchy and the experience of masculinity in our society. It will be grounded in a feminist discussion of male privilege, power and patriarchy. The workshop is intended as a step towards building the connections, relationships and networks of people necessary to effectively oppose patriarchy.

The workshop will participatory and will involve some small group work. Every effort will be made to ensure that the space is as safe as possible, accessible and relevant to marginalised people.

The workshop will be facilitated by Dave Shand who, amongst other things, is a queer, white, working class, cis, anarchist, farmer and herbalist from Scotland. He can be contacted at rawcabbage (at) riseup (dot) net and welcomes any questions or comments about this workshop.

Note that it is requested that no cis women attend this workshop.

13:00–13:50 No Woman Is Safe If Prostitutes Aren’t Safe: Feminism and Sex Worker Rights

Sex worker rights are too-often caught in a trap between liberal feminist perspectives on the one hand, and carceral feminist perspectives on the other. This workshop will help participants orient sex worker rights more securely within feminist politics that are critical of both capitalism and the coercive power of the state, as well as offering concrete, practical suggestions on how to organise in solidarity with sex workers, concluding with a card-writing session to sex workers currently incarcerated for self-defence.

Molly Smith is a prostitute and sex worker rights organiser based in Edinburgh. She works with both SWARM and SCOT-PEP, and is co-author of ‘REVOLTING PROSTITUTES: the fight for sex workers’ rights’, due out in October from Verso.

13:00–13:50 Vehicle Maintenance for Women and Non-Binary People

Vehicle mechanics can be a confusing and daunting world. This isn’t made easier when many people are excluded from understanding even the basics, or patronised and ignored, because of their gender. This session for women and non-binary people only will show you some basic vehicle maintenance tips to allow people to look after their own vehicles and help others and will also include how to change a wheel. It’ll be outside at a parked car under the venue. Meet at the front entrance and we’ll walk down together.

14:00–14:50 Survival Pending Revolution: Building Mutual Aid

Mutual Aid is a key principle of anarchist theory. The belief, backed by much evolutionary, psychological and sociological research, that humans are naturally cooperative and that this tendency can, and must, be the basis of our social struggle and future society.

Far from a hellish war of all against all, the absence of capitalism and the state often produces the conditions for solidarity and collaboration. Disasters, natural or political, are dreadful and we do not wish them, but even in the worst conditions we should not despair.

We’ll discuss the history of mutual aid as an idea, the relation to disasters and people’s natural response to them, and what we can practically do right now to build solidarity and mutual aid in our own communities.

Alasdair is a member of the Anarchist Federation and writes on ecology and capitalism as part of Out of the Woods.

15:00–15:50 Understanding Autism from an Autistic Point of View

This is an autism awareness workshop with a difference. Designed and delivered by autistic people, it provides an opportunity to hear from those with first-hand experience.

This session will explore the concept of neurodiversity (the idea that different cognitive styles are part of natural human variation) and what it means to be in the neurological minority. It aims to build understanding between autistic and non-autistic participants.

This workshop will be facilitated by members of the Autistic Mutual Aid Society, Edinburgh

16:00–16:50 Beyond Self-Care Mantras: More than just Bubble Baths

Self-Care is everywhere and we are all supposed to be doing it! But what is it really? and is it enough? This workshop aims to critique the politics of self-care, and explore ideas on radical caring communities.

17:00–17:50 Coal Nee More!

The beautiful northeast English countryside is under threat from devastating opencast coal exploitation, fueling the power stations which are bringing us to a climate emergency. Local residents and others are in the Campaign to Protect Pont Valley are fighting an inspired campaign against Banks Groups opencast in Pont Valley Durham this year. The coal company is pushing for two more new opencasts. Come to this session and hear about the campaign so far and how you can get involved including in a five day action and skillshare camp 5th to 9th September in Durham.