Alliances and Convergences of Radical Forces

In Plan C, we think that for the struggle against and beyond capital to remain dynamic, there needs to be continual cross-pollination between groups and communities whose experience of it has had different emphases and who have organised themselves differently, uncovering different limitations and asking different questions. We see ourselves as one radical anti-capitalist organisation among many and are very interested in strategic connections with other groups.

Black Womxn on the (mis)uses of Black Feminism, Womanism and Intersectionality

In this workshop University of Colour will be discussing black feminism, womanism and intersectionality while also touching upon the current state of these feminisms - that is, often (mis)appropriated and taken up by spaces and groups that are hostile to black womxn themselves. Everybody is welcome to join, but black womxn and femmes and their personal stories will be centralized during the workshop.
No democratization without decolonization! We aim to decolonize and diversify the university. Our collective aspires to create a more balanced university at both curricular and demographic level that includes non-Eurocentric perspectives and ideas.

Collective Grief Spaces

This session will be a space to look at ways we might come together to collectively speak about or process death, loss and/or grief. There will be acknowledgement that death, loss and grief can be personal, social and environmental etc. And that we will have different ways to access and share this collectively. Also that there can often be an emphasis on personal grief that is depoliticised. And that there can be political power in having collective processes around grief. With such a short amount of time we’ll just be touching on issues, not going so deeply in: There’ll be exchange from the facilitators of some experiences they’ve had doing this, and space to hear of any other experiences, or any questions, from the room. Everyone welcome, whether you want to come and contribute to the conversation or just be part of it listening.
Facilitated by Lisa Fannen and Dave Shand.

Come and Play with Tools, for Adults

Open to everyone except cis men, this workshop aims to give people space to play around with tools and materials in a non-judgemental, fun and mutually supportive way. Many folks were not given the opportunity to play with tools and materials as kids, were not bought or encouraged to use toys or play games which involved constructing thing and were not asked to help out with DIY/building/outdoor tasks. We feel that this has a big impact on peoples confidence with these sorts of tasks as adults and would like to make a space where there's the opportunity for these types of explorations. Also you can just bash shit with a hammer if you're feeling stressed!

Decolonising 'A No Borders Manifesto'

Introductory talk by Dania Thomas of Ubuntu Women Shelter and the Unity Centre, followed by a practical hands on session aimed at generating alternative 'no borders’ narratives informed by the lived experience of the hostile environment.
The 'no-borders manifesto' we uncritically rely on in our activism and define our strategic intervention with the state is defined by the violence of sustaining state borders, though it is necessary to keep this violence in sight at all times we overlook:
  1. the sustaining and nurturing resistance to and redefinition of borders in our everyday lives and practical politics, and
  2. our own complicity in perpetuating violence and exploitation through unconscious acts of everyday racism and gender violence.
This talk argues that the 'no borders manifesto' that we adopt reinforces centuries of colonial erasure of lived experience and as such hardwires white saviour and white guilt. This hardwiring is evidenced as a focus on political borders which overlooks centuries of institutional sedimentation to facilitate the unimpeded flows of financial capital to the ‘global north’ extracting value from the ‘global south’. These unimpeded flows have re-configured political borders, what we see in our work is evidence of only one border - ‘a border’ between the rich and the poor- the underclass - the invisible (‘the illegal migrant’) and the strategically visible (‘the asylum-seeker’ and ‘the good migrant’). In our work we engage with whole universes of possibility, ferment, creativity and care at capital’s border between ‘visible’ and ‘invisible’ labour. At this border, the most pressing practical problem we face relates to representing strategic invisibility. In this hands-on discussion we hope to engender activist strategies to re-direct resource flows that sustain, celebrate and politicize strategic invisibility as practical support.

Docs Not Cops

Docs Not Cops believe that health care is a human right and that no one should be afraid to go to the doctor, either because they can't pay or might be punished. They’re are doctors, nurses, HIV activists, students, teachers, and laypeople. The first group formed in London in 2014 but more recently a group has come together in Glasgow. Come and find out what work they’re doing to resist the hostile environment within the NHS and how you can be a part of it.

Ecotopia Biketour: Velo Anarchademy

Ecotopia Biketour is a self-organized, international community that has been organizing a yearly bicycle tour in different regions of Europe since 1990.
During the tour we visit environmental and social projects and practice forms of activism and sustainable living. We cook communal vegan food, practice consensus decision making, and share skills by doing workshops.
One of our core values is to create a non-discriminatory environment. Ecotopia Biketour is for anyone interested in traveling by bike, community life, DIY, an ecological lifestyle, and/or learning by experience.

This year we will be cycling for three months in Scotland, Ireland and Wales, starting in Edinburgh. Feel welcome to join us!

International Women's Day in Edinburgh: Challenges, Options and Ideas

Find out about the group behind the International Women's Day March in Edinburgh. Learn about the ideas and strategies shared during the first National Spring Gallery of UK Women's Strike Assembly. Which issues should be given priority? Is it possible to organise a women's strike like in other countries? Make your voice heard. Join this session to contribute to the debate and plan campaigns.

Introduction to Self Defence for Women and Non-Binary

Come and learn some basic moves to physically defend yourself in a fun and inclusive environment. Two experienced martial artists will lead this session covering a range of situations and responses.
This session in only open to women and non-binary people.

Journalling for Mental Health

For most of her life Emma has used the creation of written and illustrated diaries both as a means of documenting her experiences and of processing emotions and changes. This has helped her learn from and better understand her own feelings and behaviours, and work through good times and bad using this creative and soothing outlet.
In this workshop which is focussed specifically on ‘visual’ diary making, she will talk through some examples of her own and others work in this area, then offer participants the choice of several simple exercises to see whether it’s a practice they might like to try and maintain. Paper and some materials will be provided, although if participants want to bring their own art materials and/or collage materials, either for themselves or to share, it would be very welcome.

Kids' Workshop

An inclusive workshop aimed at children between 5-11; Dani will be using children's books inspired by women in history to inspire different activities. There will be readings from books in the 'Little People, Big Dreams' series, craft and more.
(Children should be accompanied by an adult)

Language of Autistic Identity

Our understanding of autism is shaped by the language we use to describe it. This affects the way society understands autistic people, but it has an even greater impact on how autistic people understand themselves, build communities and self advocate. This workshop will be an opportunity to discuss autistic identity and the concept of neurodiversity.
This workshop will be facilitated by members of the Autistic Mutual Aid Society, Edinburgh.

Organising a Strike

Going on strike is something many people now don't have previous experience of and it can feel daunting. This workshop, presented by members of the Solidarity Federation, aims to give people practical advice and information about the whole process of going on strike, to empower people and equip them to deal with the most common problems strikers encounter. We have experience of organising in in a wide range of industries. We also have a pamphlet updated to include information on the new anti trade union laws.

Power beyond borders: for climate and migrant justice

Power beyond borders is a mass action Camp for climate and migrant justice happening in the south of England at the end of July, organised by direct action network reclaim the power. To fight climate change we must also fight systems of discrimination that uphold capitalism and serve to divide us.
Come to this workshop to find out why we're taking action against new gas infrastructure and the hostile environment for migrants, and how to get involved.

Survivors Library (Survivors Only)

A drop in space to make, read, and socialise for survivors of abuse and assault. This session is run by the Survivors Library, a group that creates and collects resources by, for, and about survivors.
Materials for making things such as drawings, writing, and zines will be provided, as well as hot drinks and snacks. Reading materials are from the archive we are building and will be content warned.
Please note that this is not a support group or counselling service, we are peer led and will not have professionals at the workshop to aid anyone. Please be aware of your triggers prior to attending and arrange support for yourself if necessary. Attendees must also ask before discussing heavier subjects and include content warnings as necessary.

Get in touch/follow us on:
twitter: @survivorslib, insta: @survivorslibrary, fb:

Women and NB People in Industrial Democracies: A Call to Organise!

With union density nationally bottoming out at its lowest levels since the early 1900s, it begs the question that something new has to be done to return radical movements to the workspace.
Women and queers have always been present in labour struggles from antiquity to today. So why are they still underrepresented in the labour struggles today? Are we going to give up on the battle for economic liberation just as the world is settling into a new normal of precarious, part-time and poorly paid work? Is this the world we see for ourselves, family, friends and comrades? What the fuck can be done to make things better?
We are women, queers, non-binary, poor workers who are angry, organised and demanding change be made to suit our needs.
Join the IWW to discuss and understand the triumphs and failures of organised labour and how labour unions today are failing in engaging young people, POC, queers and women and how it'll spell doom for us all if we're not the ones doing the organising for a better world.